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Translations Service Summary Chart

Completion Time


Certificate of translation Accuracy and meaningfulness Consulate acceptance

2 business days

$60 per page Vital Records

$75 per page Legal, medical, other technical languages
Included High Quality Guaranteed

Luminosa Global Inc.  has established a comprehensive, highly effective  program designed to coach and guide individuals throughout the process of obtaining the Italian Dual Passport.         In the past we have successfully helped hundreds of individuals though ICAP opening the gateway for another world of opportunity grating access to all E.U. countries.

One strong component of our program is the selective translation service. We translate Italian to English and vice-versa along with most of the world languages. So if your records are in Portuguese, French, and Spanish no worries we can translate it for you! Asian and other world languages are also part of our repertoire.

Our professional translators can conduct high quality translations enhancing and transferring the meaning from one language to the other having a full knowledge of the technical languages. We also excel in translating divorce decrees, adoption rulings, and any other legal documents needed for the Citizenship.

We guarantee the acceptance of the translations by the Consulate official. The translations will look very professional even more with the Certificate of Translation that will accompany them.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us for the complimentary phone consultation, upon verbal commitment, with our expert:

Our  Highly Professional Services
Luminosa Global Inc. is expanding the mission of ICAP after 7 year of great services is proud to announce the creation of the “US Records Portal for Citizens Abroad” designed to be the hub, the connecting center for thousands of US national who are residing, working and living in foreign countries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and Central/South America.

We are proud of being able to assist utilizing the skills of our professional Genealogist for all the documents needs ranging from all types of Vital Records  (birth,  marriage and death), Court Records  (Divorce Decree, adoption, custody), City administrative records and any other public record issued by a local, state and government agencies.

We also legalize records with Apostille for foreign registration as well as provide translations in all world languages. If you have additional questions about our service please schedule a phone consultation below:

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In summary here is what our translation service can offer to our clients:
  • 3 to 5 days completion time
  • Certificate of translation
  • Very reasonable cost
  • 15% discount for clients who purchased other services
  • Thirty ( $30) dollars retainer after the phone consultation
  • Guaranteed acceptance by the Consulate officials

Take advantage of the 15% discount promotion on translations.
We can get it done in three to five days maximum!

If you have a divorce decree and would like a quote either take a picture with your cell and text/email it over to us at 312-217-6730 and we will give you an unbeatable quote within three hours.

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