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Italian Dual Citizenship selective  “Phone  Consultation  Service”

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“Eight successful years of successful experience helping individuals obtaining their Dual Citizenship with ICAP now Luminosa Global is expanding and offering brand new Phone Consultations”

In addition to the Package we have individual services “On Demand” for clients who prefers step by step process.

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“The consultation will also guarantee you 20% off translations”
Luminosa Inc. Is enhancing the phone consultation service with ugraded packages to offer, clearer communication, and a thoural, easy to undesrand knowledge of the citizenship process. The elite phone consultation service has been utilized bu hundreds customer who have found the service highly helpful and full of key facts of the application and their effect on the individual.

The services will be explained clearly as well pointing out the details of our effort in making the application a stress-free process. We take care of all the paperwork for you and we do it well!

These are the areas that the phone consultation covers:
  • Qualification and eligibility criteria
  • Documentation and records needed
  • Time and cost of the application
  • Name discrepancies in the records
  • Naturalization Record questions
  • Italian Vital records questions
  • All other fields  related to Dual Citizenship

Open Channels of Communication via:

(001)-888-507-6179  International Text ( WhatsApp) Call : (001)312 -217-6730

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