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“Eight successful years of successful experience helping individuals obtaining their Dual Citizenship  with ICAP now Luminosa Global is expanding and offering brand new Packages “

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Italian Dual Citizenship selective “Full Service Packages”

In addition to the Package we have individual services “On Demand” for clients who prefers step by step process.

“The Package will also guarantee you 15% off translations”
Luminosa Inc. is enhancing its services with Full Services Package Deal which provide an excellent action plan for individuals Dual Citizenship quest.

These Packages are customized for each client based on the Italian ancestors, applicants and Italian consulate in your jurisdiction. Three simple data are sufficient for us to produce great deals that clients cannot turn down. In order to meet all our clients financial needs we have introduced an installment plan which allows individuals to spread the payments in three parts.

The Package also comes with complimentary coaching throughout the process.

The Package includes the following services:
  • Italian Vital records Procurement
  • Naturalization record search
  • US Vital Records
  • Translation
  • Apostille
  • Phone Consultation
  • Consulate appointment assistance
  • Names discrepancy  assistance
Our genealogist, Stephanie, is piloting the US Vital Records Department which excels in organization, communication with clients, efficiency and delivery. The department motto is

“ We do everything for your, we do it well!”.

We are knowledgeable as far as all the requirements for the records procurements, we are resourceful and able to access databases, microfilms, church records and any other Vital Data archive that can aid the search effort. 

We strive to make it clear for clients; clarity is our priority, clarity of communication, procedures    

Upon purchasing of the Package these are the areas that the phone consultation covers:

  • Qualification and eligibility criteria
  • Documentation and records needed
  • Time and cost of the application
  • Name discrepancies in the records
  • Naturalization Record questions
  • Italian Vital records questions
  • All other fields  related to Dual Citizenship

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