Act of courage

Let’s take time here in celebration of the great gift that our ancestors have given to us from the past, let’s celebrate and let’s honor millions of Italians who have found the courage to undertake an incredible journey to foreign lands through the Atlantic Ocean leaving behind parents, families, friends, town of birth, to seek a better life, a continent full of opportunities. Now, their amazing acts of courage resonate through times giving millions of their descendants the opportunity to have a Dual Passport granting access to Italy and 27 other member countries.

I personally feel very close to those who emigrated from Italy, by being one them, although in different times and situations, we shared similar experiences and emotions. That act of courage will always live in our hearts and today more than ever we feel close to all human beings who, for whatever reason, left their native places of birth.

by Domenico Meschino D.P.S., M.Ed,

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