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Italian Dual Citizenship selective “Italian Vital  Records  Procurement

In addition to the Package we have individual services “On Demand” for clients who prefers step by step process.

In eight (8) years of experience in procuring Italian Records (Through ICAP) we have successfully obtained hundreds of Records throughout Italy.

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We can get an electronic copy of the record within  three weeks.

After seven years of experience with ICAP having obtained successfully hundreds of Italian records, Luminosa Global Inc. takes it to the next level and it is now procuring records from Italy at an incredible price with great efficiency.
We obtain Court Records ( Tribunali), Vital Records (Atti di Stato Civile), atti ecclesiastici
( church records), Divorce Decrees and all other types of public legal records.

We are also able to legalize the records with the APOSTILLE along with very professional translations.

We have indeed created a reliable, fast and professional program for the country of Italy. We are able to gather documents from the 22 Italian regions. Few of those are

  • Sicily
  • Saradinia
  • Piemonte
  • Lazio
  • Umbria
  • Calabria
  • Campania

Vital Records we procure:
  • Birth record (Atto di nascita)
  •  Marriage record (Atto di matrimonio)
  • Death record ( Atto di morte)
  • Certificate of Citizenship ( Certificazione di cittadinanza)
  • Family Record ( Stato di Famiglia)

We also procure:
  • Baptismal Records  (Atti di battesimo)                   
  • Marriage Records  (Atti di matrimonio ecclesiastico)
  • Atti della procura della repubblica ( Court Records)
  • Casellario Giudiziale (Criminal Background)
  • Certificato Cariche Pendenti ( Criminal Background)

We are trying to make as easy as possible for individuals who are in need of a record from far away countries to get such a record effortlessly and worries free. In most cases these records are not available on-line, our company is establishing a on-site support system able to follow up with the local authorities for a quick release of the records.

Our services are highly professional as well as reasonably priced. We offer discounts for students, senior, individuals with disabilities, and other people in needs.

We communicate often with clients to update on the status of the order. Clients have access to updates via phone, Skype and international texting WhatsApp. Updates will be given regularly. Transparency and hard work are our main principles.

Our services include the following
  • Preparation of the procurement letter
  • Mailing/faxing/emailing the request to the appropriate office
  • Regularly following up to learn about updates
  • Secure mailing of the record
  • Notification of receipt
  • Mailing of the record procured

Few Easy Steps to place an order
  • Type of document needed   Example Birth, Marriage, death, citizenship
  • Region and town of origin  
  • People on the record
  • Dates of the events in the record
  • Name of the requestor

(001)-888-507-6179    International Text/Call: (001)312 -217-6730

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