Italian Dual Passport for Canadian Citizens

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Italian Dual Passport for Canadian Citizens
“Gateway to a Continent of Opportunities”

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Italian/EU citizenship is the gateway to a continent of opportunities. Now 28 countries strong Canadian nationals of Italian heritage will have the chance to work, to study, to live in all European countries receiving all the benefits entailed for a citizen. The passport/citizenship is transferred down to the next generations as well so they will have a “Continent Full of Opportunities”.

Luminosa Global Inc.  has established a comprehensive, highly effective  program designed to coach and guide individuals throughout the process of obtaining the Italian Dual Passport.   In the past we have successfully helped hundreds of individuals though ICAP opening the gateway for another world of opportunity granting access to all E.U. countries. Now we are taking the experience to the next level with Luminosa Global Inc. and expanding the program to the beautiful country of Canada and most of its regions: Quebec, Ontario, British Colu,bia, Alberta, Manotoba.

We assist clients in the following steps:
  • Verifying eligibility
  • Educating clients on what the process entails
  • Obtaining all the necessary records
  • Highlighting the first steps of the process
  • Creating a clear, efficient and cost effective plan
  • Brainstorming possible issues with the application
  • Coaching throughout the process

Do I qualify?

You qualify if at the moment of the birth of your Italian ancestor’s child, your Italian ancestor ( i.e. grandfather, father, grandmother, great-grandfather etc.) was still an Italian citizen.

Case Scenario 1
Applying through your grandfather
Let’s say your paternal grandfather came from Italy. You qualify if at the time of your father’s birth, your grandfather was still an Italian citizen ( not yet naturalized American). The reason being is the citizenship is a right that is transferred at birth by the parent.

Case scenario 2
Applying through your paternal grandmother
You qualify if at the moment of your father’s birth your grandmother was still an Italian Citizen and your father, per Italian law, had to be born after 1948.

Case Scenario 3
Applying through your great-grandfather
You qualify if at the time of your grandfather birth, your great-grandfather was still an Italian citizen.
If you would like to confirm or clarify eligibility you have the option of a complimentary consultation:

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We can get it done in three to five days maximum!

First Step
Therefore, the first logical step would be to locate your Italian ancestor’s Naturalization Record or the Petition for Naturalization which is required by the Consulate and it proves eligibility.

We can definitely help you with this task. We are actually running a 15% promotion on all our services including our Naturalization Record Search. We search NARA database, local courts, USCIS database and other genealogical avenues.

Our US records services are lead by a professional genealogist.

Second Step
After procuring the Naturalization Record the next logical step would be to obtain the records from Italy. We indeed procure all types of vital records along with regional archive documents, baptismal records as well as military ones.

After eight years of experience we are able to successfully contact the Registrars and other town/regional workers to hasten the process for a quick turn around. We can obtain a certified copy of your ancestor’s vital record within three weeks.

We are also running a promotion procuring Italian Records for as little as $90.00.

If you would like to combine the above mentioned services with the next step we have customized Full Service Package Deals which includes the Italian Record procurement Naturalization Record Search, US Vital Record along with Apostille and translations.

The Package includes:

  • Complimentary coaching throughout the process
  • Complimentary phone consultation
  • Name discrepancy assistance
  • 15% of discount

After securing the Naturalization Record as well as the Italian Vital records the next step would be to obtain your US records along with translations and Apostille.

We can successfully procure US records throughout the 51 US states as well as divorce decrees, statement of no-appeal and name change rulings. These records are needed for the application and must be translated into Italian. The Apostille is a State legalization and we can guarantee that the records procured are in the correct forma so the Apostille can be attached.

Also for this step we have created Package Deals which includes the procurement of all the US records needed ( they change depending on the Consulate of jurisdiction)along with translation and Apostille. If you are interested in the Package Deal please email us so we can send the Package Deal Request Form.

As far as translations our translations are extremely accurate as well as professional and  have always been accepted by the Consulates. We also issue a certificate of translation with the documents. All the translations are carried out by professional translators.
As far as Apostille and Canadian Vital Records procurement you have the option to order them individually or you have the option to purchase a Deal Package.

Next Step Deal Packages and On Demand Service
As far as the next step clients have two options. They can either purchase the services “ on demand” as needed as they go through the record procurement process or they can purchase Next Step Deal Packages which include translation, Apostille and Canadian Vital Record Procurement. There is also the option of getting the Apostille and the Canadian Vital Record procurement Package which will guarantee the above highlighted benefits.

We look forward hearing from you and begin this exciting project of ensuring a Dual Passport for yourself and your family. See you soon!

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