Names Discrepancies Legal Instrument

COURT ISSUED LEGAL INSTRUMENT for Dual Citizenship Applications
After investing years and significant funds into the Dual Citizenship application, many US citizens of Italian descent encounter a huge roadblock when their application is rejected by the Italian consulate due to names discrepancies containing in the records. In our effort to assist applicants completing their quest for citizenship we are implementing a Court issued legal instrument that has successfully addressed the names variations in the certificates and has allowed the applicants to obtain the long-sought Dual Citizenship.

The instrument that we can produce to address discrepancies is a court issued legal instrument issued by the Italian Courts. Mr. Igor Ruggieri ESQ. Collaborating attorney is in charge of the legal operations in ITRI. The instrument can address first names discrepancies as well as more severe last names inconsistencies. We are also addressing the Jr. after the name since apparently Italy doesn’t recognize it.The legal instrument has helped three of my clients obtaining the citizenship by addressing successfully the discrepancies in the Vital Recordswith applications that were initially rejected.

In one case we were able to address four major names discrepancies in four different names in four vital records. Consulate accepted the sworn statement and granted the citizenship. Also we were able to put through one applicant through the LA consulate, one of the most challenging consulate in US.

The cost is reasonable and the probability of success are very high.
Here is how the cost is broken down:

Court Fees: $100
Legal Fees: $400
Logistical and Management Fee: $300
Total: $800

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I would like to thank you and Luminosaglobal for all you accomplished for our family in attaining our birth right as Italian Citizens. I spent over 1 1/2 years researching and acquiring documentation to facilitate our families claim to Italian Citizenship. That quest came to an abrupt roadblock when we presented our documentation to the Philadelphia Consulate and upon review we were advised that it would be necessary to attain a Court Order signed by a U.S. Judge attesting to the fact that my Grandfather and Father were the same persons whose names were in the origin documentation. As was the case with many immigrants around the turn of the 20th century Italian given names were translated and recorded differently then original birth documentation. That was our dilemma and only when, after an additional six months, we attempted to no avail, get a U.S. Judge to attest to the fact they were the same persons, even though the records clearly indicated they were indeed so, upon presenting our plight to Luminosaglobal they took our documentation submitted it to Italian Counsel in Italy and in short order we had an Italian Judge execute an attestation to the fact these persons were indeed one in the same. This was done expeditiously, professionally and in short order. Upon presentation of the documentation attained by Luminosaglobal to the Philadelphia Consulate our application for citizenship was accepted and granted. This past month we were issued our Italian Passports and are planning to visit our families origin birth place of San Giovanni Gemini, Sicily, Italy next June. Words cannot describe our gratitude for Luminosaglobal, so I would just state "Thank You" and on behalf of the Felise Family we wish you and yours a future of health, peace and financial prosperity. Our experience with Luminosaglobal can be shared with your potential clients and should any of them wish to contact us for affirmation please extend this heart felt offer.

Gerald Vito Ferlisi and Family

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