Early Consulate Appointment Service

Do you have all the documents ready? Don’t wait years, invest a reasonable amount of money in getting an early appointment and become a Dual Citizen of Italy and Europe.

The Early Consulate Appointment Service is unique initiative design to help individuals locating an early appointment with the Citizenship Italian Consulate for the Italian. Our dedicated staff will look daily several times a day into the consulate’s website to locate an available appointment for you. This job entails many hours of weekly work.

The reasonable cost is $380 which, in our opinion, is a very good investment and bring your project to a much earlier closure. We are providing $100 credit for any service you may need after the Consulate appointment.

Feel free to directly call/text Dr. Domenico Meschino at 312 217 6730 or email him at luminosaglobal@gmail.com or use the communication mean below form.

Open Channels of Communication via:

(001)-888-507-6179 Email: luminosaglobal@gmail.com International Text ( WhatsApp)/Call : (001)312 -217-6730

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