About Us

We have selected a large human talent part as collaborators, integral parts of Luminosa Global success. Maria Luisa Conte is in charge of the Italian operations for citizenship and she is the Liaison for the AppiaAntica foods operations. Ankit Gurpa is our Financial/Fiscal Consultant. Sudhakaran Kuttappan is our accountant which diligently and constantly keeps all books updated and in balance.

Indrani Mallik is our graphic designer who currently puts her graphic design skills to our disposals in order to enhance our formats, logos and overall products. Stephanie Merlino, our collaborating Genealogist, soon to be on a payroll, is very keen to our Luminosa Global dual citizenship operations. She is in charge of research project in Italy and US and also personally consulting clients procure records and guide them toward completion of the project. She will take a leading role as we go deeper to the expansion and as far as dual citizenship operation; the case load is continuously increasing until she will handle the most of the clients.

We have also have a series of world language translators accessible through a portal at very reasonable cost.

Domenico Meschino D.P.S. M.Ed. luminosaglobal@gmail.com CEO Chicago, IL
Igor Ruggieri Esq. igorruggieri@gmail.com Esquire Law Offices Itri, Italy
Stephanie Merlino luminosagenealogy@gmail.com Professional Genealogist & Administrative Support North Port, FL USA
Virgil Valle valle.luminosaglobal@gmail.com Personal Assistant Laguna,Philippines
FritzelOcampo ocampofritzel@yahoo.com Marketing and Advertising Dipolog, Philippines
Indrani Mallik graphicdesigner.indrani@gmail.com Graphic Designer Jessore, Bangladesh
K.SudhakaranKuttappan bserviceoutsource@gmail.com Accountant Kollam, India
Ankit Gupta ankitgupta1644@gmail.com Chartered accountant & tax expert / In house cfo / Financial advisor Mandsaur, India

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